Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Thunderstorms

The past few days we have had some serious thunderstorms - they are never long, but they are also not very quiet! I LOVE thunderstorms and I have for quite some time. There is just something about watching a storm roll in and seeing the awesome display of lightening and hearing the roll of thunder. I find it very calming and a big reminder of just how huge our God is and how small we are.

I tend to be the girl that thinks too hard about what will be happening a year down the road, 5 years down the road, and 10 years down the road......I am trying so hard to learn to live more in the present, and while I do feel that I have come a very long way....thunderstorms often remind to appreciate the moment and not rush through life.

On a completely unrelated note: Our town got a Jimmy John's today! This makes me sooooooo happy! I haven't had a beach club since I left my undergrad years in Knoxville. I think I might just know what dinner will be tonight! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I am trying this out as a way to remember everything - to remember what my life was like when I was 25, what my first job was really like, and all the other small details. I know my family may be the only people who choose to read this, but I hope this gives some others a small glimpse into my life!

Here's a little about me - I am a 25 year old Residence Life Coordinator at a mid-size institution in the South. I work (and live!) in a building complex on campus and manage day to day operations of my facility. I graduated with a BS in Human Ecology from the University of Tennessee in May 2008, and completed my Master's degree in Counseling and Personnel Services in August 2009. I went to work full time at the school where I did my graduate degree, which I will refer to on here as Southern University. I am a huge VOLS fan and still bleed Tennessee orange. My hobbies are baking, knitting, and cruising!

I married my husband in October 2009 after 8 years of dating - he works on campus as a chef for the dining department. His hobbies include gaming and picking on me as much as possible!

I hope you enjoy the small glimpses into our life!